Alabama Football: Don’t miss these snippets from Tide (SEC) Media Days

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Alabama football coach, Nick Saban
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A gracious Nick Saban thanked the media for their work and pretty much provided a new (and old) script about doing all the little things right, for the benefit of the team, rather than an individual.

Even Nick’s scripted messages are informative. He manages a message carefully and with a disciplined purpose every time he speaks.

What matters most in Saban’s comments was his undiminished enthusiasm for coaching football. Talking about what SEC Media Days signify for him,

"This is always the week when I start shaking my leg again, my knee starts popping, that I’ve had just about enough sitting around."

Trust me Tide fans, that kind of fire just burns and burns and burns. Age does not abate it. The last embers are way in the future.

Nick Saban has been clear, and he reinforced it Wednesday, he has created an Alabama football standard. That standard was lost along the way last season. He is demanding it be reestablished. 2019 opponents beware.

Including some reading between the lines, a few other morsels from Nick,

  • Josh Jobe will start in the dime and maybe the nickel unless someone can beat him out in Fall Camp.
  • Tua will be better in 2019 and a big reason will be Steve Sarkisian who is teaching him not to try to win games on every play.
  • Relationships with players matter and last season they suffered when so many coaches were too focused on their next job.
  • On maybe being too hard to work for, Nick said he didn’t know, but every coach who leaves tries to “do it exactly like we did it.”