Alabama Football: More 2020 commits coming soon

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It is almost time for a late July spurt in Alabama football recruiting action and some of it may come from the 2021 class.

The current NCAA recruiting ‘dead period’ is almost over and Alabama football looks to be active in the ‘quiet period’ that goes for a week, July 25-31. The second Champions Cookout of the year will take place in Tuscaloosa during the short period before another NCAA ‘dead period’ begins.

For those needing a quick primer, ‘dead’ is not really dead and ‘quiet’ is certainly not quiet. No in-person contact is allowed in the ‘dead period’ but other contact is allowed. The ‘quiet period’ requires all in-person contact with a recruit or a recruit’s family must be on campus.

The soonest publicly known date for a Crimson Tide prospect announcement is Sept. 9th. Joel Williams, 4-Star cornerback prospect is scheduled to announce his choice between Alabama football, Florida, LSU and Houston. Williams was once a Florida commit.  Even though he is from Baton Rouge, the Gators and the Bengal Tigers seem to have little chance to dissuade Williams from joining the Crimson Tide. The upcoming Cookout might bump up his announcement date.

Another defensive back prospect, Xavian Alford, 4-Star Safety. Alford talks about six schools still being considered. His home state schools of Texas and Texas A&M are on the list. Florida, LSU and maybe Michigan have a chance. Alabama football recruiting insiders believe the Crimson Tide leads. If so, an announcement could happen at any time.

How many spots are left in the 2020 class? Most often the number 27 is mentioned as a final number. With 22 verbal commits, that would leave five open slots. Crimson Tide insiders believe the current number is no more than 20 and perhaps even lower.

Our best guess is 7-8 more slots can be filled without any attrition from surprise flips to another school.  Four or five slots might be held open until the December Early Signing Period. Guys the Alabama football staff is probably willing to wait on are 5-Star DE, Jordan Burch, 5-Star ILB, Justin Flowe, one of the 5-Star TEs, Arik Gilbert or Darnell Washington, 4-Star QB, Bryce Young and 4-Star ILB, Phillip Webb.

The two prospects listed above, plus another defensive lineman, another wide receiver and a running back (5-Star, Zachary Evans) are likely takes right now.

In short, 22 current, plus five current takes, plus five to wait on, equals 32 recruits.

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The Crimson Tide is so far ahead on the 2020 class, the 2021 class could suddenly burst forth with commits. Particularly with top QB, 4-Star, Drake Maye’s recent commitment. Having an elite QB in a class early always helps attract other offensive prospects.