Alabama Football: After losing Moses, what’s next for the Tide defense and offense

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Alabama football took a severe blow on Tuesday. After losing Dylan Moses for the season, let’s consider what comes next for the Tide defense and offense.

Many Alabama football fans often consider the Crimson Tide invincible. Very few losses change that perception. As hard as it was for fans to regain optimism after being blown away in a national championship game, what happened on Tuesday was a bigger blow.

Bigger, in the context of what losing a Dylan Moses means to the Alabama football defense. Years before Denzel Washington immortalized Herman Boone in the film, Remember the Titans, the real coach talked about the loss of his best player Gerry Bertier.

In short, Boone said, “you cannot replace a Gerry Bertier.” The same can be said for Dylan Moses. The Alabama Crimson Tide does not have a football player who can make up for the absence of Dylan Moses. Suddenly, an Alabama football defense expected to be much-improved is without its leader. And not just any leader – the Alpha who all the other defenders in Crimson would rally around.

Chanting “next man up” will not alter reality. Alabama football will be less in 2019 without Dylan Moses. How much less and with what result is not known. Is the Crimson Tide defense now so vulnerable, a national championship is improbable?

Those answering in the affirmative are jumping to a too quick, dire result. There is an entire regular season to play. No final, team stories have been written. Least of all, a store about fatal vulnerability for the Crimson Tide.

Alabama football will be different without Moses in the middle. Two freshmen linebackers will grow up quickly. They will make mistakes. For many weeks the defensive line, outside linebackers and secondary will have to cover for them.

Some Crimson Tide fans believe time-of-possession by the offense is essential. The theory is pound away, eat up clock and minimize getting pounded because of a vulnerable interior defense. A counter opinion is the Crimson Tide must be explosive, prepared to outscore every opponent. To an extent, both opinions have merit.

A balanced offense could chew up clock and help keep the defense fresh. But you don’t buy a Ferrari to drive the speed limit and make no mistake, the Crimson Tide can have a Ferrari offense.

What will Nick Saban choose to do?

Based on Wednesday’s practice drills, Shane Lee will be the starter at Mike linebacker. The backup will be either Ale Kaho or Jaylen Moody. The most used defense for the Tide the last several years has been the nickel. Maybe the dime is used more often, relying on a deep and talented secondary.

Nick Saban also said on Wednesday he likes the “character” of this team. That character will be tested. In Auburn, Baton Rouge, Athens and a host of college football towns, the sudden vulnerability of Alabama football is being celebrated.

That is a better place for a team to start from, than the false dreams of invincibility sometimes voiced by fans.

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Earlier this week, a ho-hum opener had disfavor. Not so any longer. The Moses injury makes for a very interesting Saturday.