Alabama Football: I’m a temporary Oklahoma fan. You should be too

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ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 08: Tua Tagovailoa #13 of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates with Jalen Hurts. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 08: Tua Tagovailoa #13 of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates with Jalen Hurts. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

When it became clear that Jalen was no longer the starter for the Crimson Tide, the outside noise started up again. Everybody seemed like they knew what was best for Jalen. Nearly everybody assumed he would transfer immediately. When Jalen shot down those ideas, they started saying he should stop playing, because if he played in more than four games he would lose his redshirt. Jalen wouldn’t do that either.

Jalen is the ultimate team player and stands against everything that the modern QB and transfer system has been about. The modern collegiate QB says, “When the going gets tough, transfer where I can start immediately.” But not Jalen Hurts.

He stuck with Alabama football the entire season. Learning. Evolving. Trusting in the process. He became a more complete QB because of it.

The universe has a way of rewarding those who do the right thing consistently. In one of the most poetic events I’ve personally ever witnessed, and eleven months after being yanked in the second half against Georgia, Jalen was asked to come to the rescue. Tua was injured in the second half of the SEC Championship against Georgia. So, down by seven in the fourth quarter, Jalen was the one leading the improbable comeback. Essentially the icing on the cake of what was truly an incredible Alabama career.

Unfortunately, Jalen now resides in Norman, Oklahoma. After graduating from the University of Alabama in December 2018 Jalen decided to become a graduate transfer and one of the most sought after transfer recruits in recent memory.

Who can blame him? I certainly don’t. He handled this process with more class than anyone could or would in his shoes. He has set a new standard for expectations of a college QB who doesn’t win the starting role.

After his unbelievable 500+ yard 6 TD performance in his Oklahoma debut, I couldn’t help but smile. Even as an Alabama fan you can bet that I was rooting for him every second of that game. I will do the same thing for every game on the Oklahoma schedule this year. I think every Alabama fan should.

Not just because of what he meant to the university, but because of what he stands for in this age of players leaving for greener pastures.

I’ll root for Oklahoma all season long with the only exception being if they play Alabama football in the playoff. Even then I’ll quietly celebrate under my breath when Jalen is successful.

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I just can’t bring myself to say the whole thing, but just for Jalen, I’ll give him a big ole ROLL SOONERS! Enjoy the extra fans this year Oklahoma. Everything will be back to normal next season.