Alabama Crimson Tide: ‘Bama Hammer’ staff ranks the CFB Playoff field

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The Bama Hammer staff offers our first CFB Playoff ranking of the top eight teams and the Alabama Crimson Tide is not No. 1.

Some Alabama Crimson Tide fan so inclined, feel free to tweet these results to that Brando guy. He staunchly accuses the Bama Hammer team of being the worst of college football ‘homers.’

In our first ranking for the 2019 season, the Bama Hammer staff ranked the Ohio State Buckeyes as the No. 1 team in our CFB Playoff rankings. Timmy will be upset to see our staff ranked his ‘homer’ team, LSU as No. 4.

We’re just having fun with Mr. Brando. Someone of his august standing in the profession will certainly understand we mean no umbrage.

Make no mistake we take our CFB Playoff rankings seriously. We take no pleasure in the Alabama Crimson Tide not being ranked No. 1. Since the actual CFB Playoff committee will not announce its first rankings until Nov. 5, we know Alabama football fans will appreciate our opinion of how the Tide stands now. We’ll update our rankings every week.

Bama Hammer CFP Playoff Rankings – Oct. 8

  • No. 1 – Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State is 5-0 and so far looks like the most complete team in college football. The Buckeyes have strong wins against Cincinnati, Nebraska and Michigan State. The remaining schedule is not easy with games against Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan.

  • No. 2 – Alabama Crimson Tide

The Crimson Tide has not faced a serious challenge and may not until the LSU game. The TAMU game this weekend will be interesting. Going to Auburn always leaves the Tide susceptible to voodoo.

  • No. 3 – Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs are good, but like the Crimson Tide have not met much opposition. National media gives the Dawgs too much credit for beating Notre Dame. An undefeated regular season could culminate with a rout of the wreck that is now Georgia Tech.

  • No. 4 – LSU Bengal Tigers

The LSU offense is real. Uncharacteristically the defense may not be great, but it is plenty good enough.

  • No. 5 –  (tie) Clemson Tigers

Dabo’s team may be better than it has shown – or not. A 5-0 record is not so impressive considering how close the UNC game was to a loss.

  • No. 5 (tie) – Oklahoma Sooners

We considered bumping the Sooners down to No. 6 because of Lincoln Riley – but we could not do that to Jalen. The Sooners might have a better defense than last season and Jalen is playing great.

  • No. 7 – Wisconsin Badgers

The Badgers are good and the winner of the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin game will be a near-lock for the Playoff field.

  • No. 8 – Florida Gators

There are other teams who could have filled our eighth slot. But – the Gators beat the ‘whining war chickens’ and we owe them a tip of the hat.

Who makes the top four in the end?

Of course, we believe in the Alabama Crimson Tide. One reason is the Tide’s remaining opposition (not counting the FCS game) has only won 61 percent of their games. By comparison, the number for LSU is 71 percent.

But really, it is so early. Check back with us next week.

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There are 25 undefeated FBS teams. Our apologies to any programs our rankings may have unintentionally slighted.