Alabama Football: Some October thoughts for Crimson Tide fans

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It is an odd season to be an Alabama football fan. Going back to a dreadful night in January, the ’19 season has been as much about doubt as joy.

Many Alabama football fans will admit this season has been different. It has been ‘good’ different in some ways. But lying under the good layer has been nagging doubt. Doubt that goes back to last January.

The players and coaches may not need a catharsis but fans do. So far, the 2019 schedule has been unable to provide it. There was no elite team to dominate in the season opener. On Saturday a two-loss team that struggled to beat Arkansas offers the toughest competition to-date.

Fans will just have to be patient – a trait often in short supply in every fanbase. It doesn’t help that national media, including even some normally enthusiastic about the Tide, keep voicing doubts.

Frankly, there are good reasons for at least some of the doubt. This Alabama football team is incredibly young as national championship contenders go. The young roster has also been hampered by losing its best defensive player to injury while one of its best, returning defenders is not fully healthy. We are referring to Dylan Moses and Terrell Lewis.

True freshmen inside linebackers have frequently struggled. Their struggles are not their fault and it does not mean either is lacking in terms of talent. In addition to all that, expected defensive line stalwarts, D.J. Dale and LaBryan Ray have been either limited or lost to injury. Of course, this Crimson Tide defense is not yet dominating. And even if it does not dominate this season, it does not mean it will not become good enough to win a championship.

There have been bright spots. Tua is sensational. So are the best group of wide receivers in college football. All Alabama football seasons have success measured by national championships, so the 2019 Alabama football staff must wait for a final grade. We agree with those who view it as an upgrade and a reason for confidence.

There is time for the defense to mature and become healthier. Kellen Mond will offer an intermediate test. Any uptick in the rushing attack would be encouraging. A serviceable punter would quell more fears.

After the visit to College Station, there is another month for preparation, including another bye week. As it transpires, other contenders will drop off, some will even drop out of the CFB Playoff hunt.

This Alabama Crimson Tide team has time to get better and Alabama football fans would do well not to worry so much.

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Nick Saban is known for advising his players to never waste a failure. Crimson Tide fans might need a different admonition – ride the wave the whole way. We are still inside the greatest run in college football history. No end has been written!