Alabama Football: Nick Saban not satisfied after victory over TAMU

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Alabama football is undefeated and ranked as the nation’s top team. After the TAMU win, Saban was not satisfied and Crimson Tide fans should be relieved.

After the win Saturday over the Aggies, Nick Saban was not satisfied with several aspects of his team’s performance. Alabama football fans should take comfort in Nick’s dissatisfaction.

The Alabama football team showed some improvement on Saturday afternoon. The Crimson Tide exerted frequent pressure on Aggies’ QB, Kellen Mond. In the process, Mond was sacked five times. Outside linebackers, Anfernee Jennings and particularly Terrell Lewis played like their former, healthy selves.

The Crimson Tide running game got a boost playing the most physical five offensive linemen in the roster. The return games of Henry Ruggs III and Jaylen Waddle were sensational. All the good was more than enough to make up for Tua TagovaiIoa being a little off – very good, but not great.

Not a college football fan anywhere would expect Nick Saban to be happy about remaining undefeated against his former assistants. The string is now 18 wins – and it will be 19 after next weekend. But Nick never cares to discuss that story, meaning he gives it little thought.

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What Saban was ready to talk about after the game was his team’s weaknesses and media attention to individual records. As he said two years ago in College Station, Saban believes such media fluff is “rat poison” to his team. As reported by Cecil Hurt, Nick Saban said,

"When I hear things in the media about players are NFL Draft picks or breaking records, that’s not what I want players to be focusing on. You’ve got to focus on what you are doing now."

Nick Saban was also displeased his Alabama football team “did not finish the game with class.” Part of what he was talking about was the ejection of Devonta Smith. Smith was punched by an Aggie and threw a punch in response. Unlike a targeting call, Smith may or may not be suspended for part of the Tennessee game. A decision will be made by the SEC league office.

Other team weaknesses drawing Saban’s ire were too many redzone miscues. Saban said,

"We certainly shot ourselves in the foot in the redzone."

Commenting on any improvements from his defense, Saban said,

"we played decent at times, but at times, we gave them plays we shouldn’t have"

The bottom line for Saban is he knows his team must play better. And he specifically said his defense must play smarter in reference to the personal fouls against Kellen Mond.

Alabama football fans should never fail to appreciate Nick Saban’s unrelenting passion to push players to achievement. This team may need his passion more than the Saban teams who preceded them.

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Nick Saban did have some optimistic words about Terrell Lewis. He said the bye week was the first week this season Lewis had been able to work all week. That news about Lewis and no injuries against TAMU make for a good week seven of the season.