Alabama Football: Some tips to enjoy the ‘Third Saturday in October’

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(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

Check out these tips to enjoy the ‘Third Saturday in October.’ For those in T-Town and Alabama football fans who will watch a broadcast.

Not all Alabama football fans feel the same about the Tennessee Vols. After 12 straight Crimson Tide victories, some younger fans see the Vols as just another opponent. For that group of Tide fans, hate is not an appropriate emotion.

Many, more seasoned fans, regard the Vols differently. Some of us think Tennessee remains an unsurpassed rival. More than a few, don’t hesitate to admit holding on to a deep hatred for anything associated with puke orange.

For the second, hate-bearing group, a joyous celebration is lighting up a cigar, late in the fourth quarter of an Alabama Crimson Tide victory over the Vols. The joy is greatest in Neyland Stadium, but Bryant-Denny is almost as good.

Tips for T-Town

  • Pace yourself, it will be a long day and a late night. An 8:10 PM CST kickoff makes the day a marathon rather than a sprint. Apply that theme to any alcohol consumption.
  • Cigars in a metal container are worth the extra coin. Otherwise, yours may not survive solidly enough intact to light in celebration.
  • Pay attention in the second half to the northeast upper deck. At some point, as early as midway of the third quarter, there will be an exodus of puke-orange clad Vols fans streaming out of Bryant-Denny. Wave goodbye to them.
  • Do not confront individuals or small groups of Tennessee fans. That would be rude. Some of them are nice enough people and they suffer enough being Vols’ fans.
  • Don’t celebrate so hard you are unable to drive home and need a hotel room. There will be none.

For Tide fans not in T-Town

  • ESPN has the broadcast with Steve Levy, Brian Griese, Todd McShay and Molly McGrath.
  • It will also be streamed live on WatchESPN.
  • Eli Gold and John Parker Wilson will be on all the Crimson Tide Radio Network channels and available on Sirius/XM at 121/210.
  • If you are watching at home, time any grilling carefully. Finishing the cooking too late and having to rapidly chow down just before kickoff, is not good preparation for the game. The Alabama football offense will score early and often. You don’t want to miss the first touchdown while running dirty dishes to the kitchen.
  • If by some bizarre occurrence, the Vols take a first-half lead, don’t panic. Unless you have money riding on the spread, you may remain calm. This game will not have a 2009 type finish.
  • After the Tide win, light a cigar. It is not the same as being there, but it still feels good to honor the tradition.

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Special Tip for the Day

Can the Vols block either Terrell Lewis or Anfernee Jennings? The Vols’ tackles, trying to block the Tide’s outside linebackers, are both freshmen.