Alabama Crimson Tide remains the standard for measuring elite teams

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Over two seasons, first Clemson, followed by LSU, have been championship-great. Hats off to both programs. Still, the standard for measuring elite teams remains the Alabama Crimson Tide.

While the celebrations continue in Louisiana and pain is absorbed in South Carolina, it is good to remember neither success or failure is final. Two great football teams won the last two national championships. Hats off to both programs. The Alabama Crimson Tide came up short in back-to-back seasons.

Any other claims about LSU and Clemson and the Alabama Crimson Tide need to be put on hold. The Alabama Football Dynasty of five national championships in 11 seasons has ebbed. It may or may not be over. A 2020 National Championship would certainly continue the dynasty. Even another miss in 2020 and the next Crimson Tide national championship in 2021 could be argued as dynasty-continuing.

Clemson had a chance to claim its own dynasty with what would have been three national championships in five years. Their chance for claiming to be the King of college football remains active going into next season.

Then there is the newly crowned LSU Tigers. Long live the King is the chant in the Bayou State. Perhaps the ‘Cajun Kings’ will live long at the top of college football. Once the party ends in Louisiana (some parties never end in Louisiana) the job of repeating as National Champion begins. It is harder to repeat than to win the first time. Since 1995, when Nebraska did it, only one team has been a repeat National Champion, the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2011 and 2012.

For those not steeped in college football history, the last repeat National Champion before Nebraska was the Alabama Crimson Tide in 1979. Think about that for a moment. In the last 49 seasons of college football (going back to 1972), there has been a repeat National Champion only three times. Two of the three were Crimson Tide teams.

History is to be appreciated and from it much can be learned. But living in the past leads to decline. Coming up short is a strong impetus when moving forward. Alabama football is quickly and intensely preparing itself for a new season of competition.

Despite an injury-depleted defense and a gimpy-legged quarterback, it is clear the best team LSU played in 2019 was the Crimson Tide.

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Let them party down on the Bayou. Mac Jones has already stolen Coach O’s line – “we comin.”