Alabama Football: ‘Bama Hammer’ commentary on coaching rumors

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Every offseason is filled with Alabama football staff rumors. The ‘Bama Hammer’ staff offers opinions on the recent Steve Sarkisian and Hugh Freeze rumor.

Generally, Bama Hammer stays away from most Alabama football rumors. Twitter, message boards and sports talk shows are filled with them. Very few end up having a factual basis. Paul Finebaum fueled one recently, suggesting Colorado might hire Steve Sarkisian and Hugh Freeze would become the Crimson Tide Offensive Coordinator.

The Finebaum conjecture was a stretch. Sarkisian’s name was included on some lists for the Colorado opening. There was no solid information Colorado was targeting him. Nor was there any indication Sarkisian would be interested in the Buffs.

As of midday on Wednesday, Colorado appeared to be down to Bret Bielema or Troy Calhoun. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported on Tuesday that former Colorado player, Eric Bieniemy is not expected to leave the NFL for the Colordao opening. Colorado is expected to make a decision soon.

Getting back to Sark and Freeze, it seemed worthwhile to poll the Bama Hammer staff about preferences between the two. A simple question was asked. For Crimson Tide Offensive Coordinator, do you prefer Steve Sarkisian or Hugh Freeze? Six of us chose to answer. Sark got every vote but one.

For some, doubts about a sincere Freeze redemption were a factor. Putting aside such concerns, all of the five votes for Sark included a belief Sarkisian is a better OC. Comparing our group conclusion to a trusted Alabama football message board, we are slightly more bullish on Sark. Even on the board, a high majority of responses favored Sark over Freeze.

There were some interesting message board comments. One stands out, suggesting Freeze be brought in to support Sarkisian as a QB coach or Passing Game Coordinator. A couple of quick retorts said unlike LSU, the Crimson Tide does not have an OC who needs propping up by another staff member.

On a personal note, I should confess past disdain for Freeze. In 2017, I wrote there is a lesson in the Hugh Freeze debacle. My opinion is not much changed. Ignoring the redeemed (or not) character issues, Hugh Freeze, the coach never seemed special to me. Thinking of Alabama football Offensive Coordinators and Freeze, my ranking would be 1) Lane Kiffin; 2) Steve Sarkisian; 3) Jim McElwain and then Hugh Freeze.

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Closing with a bold prediction, with zero factual basis, feels appropriate. Hugh Freeze stays at Liberty until Auburn hires him as head coach.