NFL Draft: Tua Tagovailoa gets good medical news and release to train

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The NFL Draft buzz over Tua Tagovailoa ramped up Monday. The gifted QB can stop being just a patient and go back to being a football player, based on Monday’s release to begin training.

Tua Tagovailoa received his four-month medical testing and review on Monday. The news could not have better for the too frequently injured, former Alabama football quarterback.

Tua, who had already been throwing a little, can now take dropbacks before whipping his golden arm forward. He can also begin to do light running. The positive news was expected. After being carefully tested at the NFL Combine, the four-month testing was a scheduling protocol in his road to full recovery.

Ian Rapoport reported the news from Dr. Lyle Cain, Tua’s primary physician who knows Tua well as an Alabama football orthopedist. Cain’s released statement was,

"The stability of the hip, blood-flow abnormalities and other short- and long-term concerns that arose after Tagovailoa initially got hurt do not seem to be issues anymore based on medical reviews"

The next public milestone for Tua is a scheduled NFL Pro Day on April 9. However, his recovery program is not over and Dr. Cain was clear to say the rehab process would be “conservative.” Rapoport mentioned in his story the April 9 date is the target, giving the impression the Pro Day might slide closer to the NFL Draft on April 23.

Given the possibility of a team trading up to get Tua, the Pro Day cannot slide much past April 16. Who might trade up for the former Crimson Tide wizard? The most likely team is the Miami Dolphins. If Tua’s Pro Day goes well, the Dolphins cannot be sure Tua will be available at their No. 5 pick.

Other Draft experts are speculating Tua might go at No. 2 to the Washington Redskins or No. 3 to the Detriot Lions. Several of the experts believe Miami will take Tua at No. 2 or No. 3 after a trade. One of the experts, Will Brinson as reported by CBS Sports, has a Tua Tagovailoa selection at No. 5 but not going to Miami, but to the Dallas Cowboys.

It is a bit early for teams to be sending out false signals, but some media reports coming out of Miami are claiming the Dolphins may prefer Justin Herbert. That could easily be Miami trying to get Tua without trading up.

While it is too early for anyone to know what team will draft Tua, the continued great reports on his health will have an impact. Nothing is for sure in NFL Drafts, except maybe No. 1 picks. This year it would shock everyone if the No. 1 is not Joe Burrow. After that, anything could happen.

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NFL Draft news is about to take a backseat to Alabama football spring practice. The first session of the spring is Friday, March 13.