Alabama Crimson Tide: News from a partially shutdown Tuscaloosa

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(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

There is work going on in Tuscaloosa involving the Alabama Crimson Tide. Not business as usual, but with important background work continuing.

The lives of most Americans have significantly changed. The range of disruption goes from inconvenience to tragedy. Normality will return, we just cannot know when. More than a few people in Tuscaloosa are guiding all things, Alabama Crimson Tide forward.

While no spring football games, like the Tide’s A-Day, will happen, there is some chance of teams practicing. On Wednesday, the SEC’s Greg Sankey did not rule out practices after April 15. He also did not offer much optimism that on April 16, SEC football teams will be allowed to practice.

On Thursday, Alabama Crimson Tide Athletic Director, Greg Byrne said,

"He (Nick Saban) and I have already talked about it several times, and we talk about different scenarios and I think that obviously we’ve got to, you can’t just go out and play games without any practice and development time beforehand."

Bryne offered no more clues. Was he talking about spring and summer? Or was he only talking in the context of summer preparation for August football camp? No doubt, Nick Saban is leading the conversation from a carefully considered perspective. Even with Saban’s ability to evaluate and develop a plan for everything, he could not have had a pandemic plan.

Like the rest of us, Nick cannot know what will happen next. Greg Byrne did announce an adjustment for Tide Pride football ticket holders. The May 1 deadline for payment has been pushed back to May 20 and careful wording suggested some additional accommodation can be made on an individual basis.

Sankey said a group will be put together to make plans for,

"out-of-season practice in football, in soccer and in volleyball …It’s just we’re dealing with a lot of these undefined circumstances. But just know, on our mind, is how do we help our teams adequately prepare in advance of a fall season."

Determining what to do about personal contact with recruits is another matter. That difficulty can only be addressed by the NCAA. Some recruiting experts believe the football dead period will be extended and basketball National Signing Day will be delayed.

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In other Alabama Crimson Tide news, Jaylin Armour-Davis had a momentous event.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Armour-Davis.