Tua Tagovailoa throwing but NFL teams unable to do medical checks

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Tua Tagovailoa throwing passes to receivers is encouraging even though attendance by NFL scouts and coaches is prohibited. Tua’s medical testing by NFL teams has also become tricky.

In what has become the most challenging and interesting pre-Draft saga, Tua Tagovailoa is still a hot NFL acquisition. The coronavirus and resulting contact limitations have changed the 2020 NFL Draft. Tua could be the player most hurt by those limitations.

NFL teams, already combatting doubts about Tua’s future football fitness, cannot perform due diligence. While Tua has now been seen on video, dropping back and throwing passes of 20-30 yards, NFL teams need to see more. ‘Team Tua Tagovailoa’ will continue to provide videos, hopefully with more detail and clarity than those on Twitter.

What the NFL has prohibited its teams to do is:

"Any draft-eligible player traveling to a club facility or other location to meet with club personnel Club personnel (including BLESTO or NFS scouts) traveling to any location, including a college campus to visit with a draft-eligible player"

Along with analyzing Tua’s current, on-field capability, there are the more important, final medical checks. NFL teams will not be able to bring players to team medical facilities. Tua will still get a complete set of medical testings, but they will not be done by NFL teams. They will be done independently and sent to every team. After seeing the battery of test results including the actual MRIs, NFL teams will be able to question Tua’s medical team.

Considerable effort will be exercised to lessen the doubt of NFL teams. But no amount of effort can remove all doubt.

The Miami Dolphins tried a last-minute effort to get Tua to their facility before the prohibition began.

Even before the latest obstacles, the Dolphins had shown real interest in Tua, Justin Herbert and Jordan Love. Herbert and Love are safer choices. Tua is the wildest of any NFL Draft wild card.

Trying to decide is not restricted to Miami. The Los Angeles Chargers and the Detroit Lions are also in the Tua risk/reward situation. The Lions could take Tua at No.3. The Chargers at No. 6, could jump over the Dolphins (No. 5) by a trade with the Lions or the Giants at No. 4.

There will be dozens of credible mock draft projections before the actual NFL Draft. Every clue will be labeled a clear sign. One tidbit that might mean something, or nothing. On Mar. 17 the Chargers signed two offensive linemen, right tackle, Bryan Bulaga and right guard, Trenton Scott. The right side of the line is most important in protecting a left-handed quarterback.

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