Nick Saban: Alabama Crimson Tide nation waiting to hear from CNS

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Nick Saban is yet to speak publicly about the impact of the coronavirus on Alabama football. When he does Tide fans will listen carefully.

More and more Crimson Tide fans are worrying the virus will impact next season. Alabama football coach, Nick Saban has been quiet. Crimson Tide Athletic Director, Greg Byrne said he and Saban have been and will continue to evaluate all options.

Many Crimson Tide fans want to hear words of assurance from Nick. One reason he may not have made public statements is that he knows the uniqueness of the virus makes it unpredictable. What few coaches as yet, are reluctant to say, Bronco Mendenhall admitted earlier this week.

The fall season may not start on time and fewer games may be played. Mendenhall said his team is preparing for that scenario.

"We’re acting as if, and we’re making preparations as if, we won’t have spring practice. We possibly won’t have players here for summer school, any session, and possibly we won’t have the opportunity for anything other than fall camp to begin.Knowing that fall camp timing might even be pushed back, meaning that there certainly could be a chance that it’s not even be a full schedule played this year — if football is played, period."

Alabama football fans might think Bronco should keep his opinions to himself. Those same fans know Nick Saban always has a plan for everything. In that context, Mendenhall is just following Saban’s playbook for preparation.

There was a time decades ago when Alabama football fans were not entirely joking when it was said Bear Bryant could walk on water. We are all more sophisticated now. No one even jokes about Nick Saban being a Deity. What we do want is for him to share what his famous intelligence is telling him.

Saban is no doubt using his broad network of contacts to educate himself about the virus. Information is likely being collected from medical professionals and academic researchers. Nick may have called on an old friend, the Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin.

While we wait to hear from Saban, we can trust in two things. He will not tell us anything he does not believe. He will not take unwise risks with his coaching staff and players.

Some of us value Saban so highly, we prefer he cocoon inside some sophisticated bubble-wrap when he leaves home. He is probably safe on the shores of Lake Tuscaloosa and Lake Burton.

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When Nick Saban does speak, we too will be intent on his every word. He rarely uses any word casually.