‘Team Tua’ doing all it can to sell a high NFL Draft selection

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Tua Tagovailoa’s medical, management and marketing teams are doing all they can to assure their client is a top pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

There are two, much different perspectives to apply to the professionals trying to help Tua Tagovailoa succeed in the NFL Draft. One perspective is they are working with a young man whose skills are so great, he and those skills can be defined as transcendent. The other perspective is simply, they have a tough sell to close.

What is certain – Tua is getting all the support and professional assistance any player would ever need. Will it be enough for a team to make an NFL Draft decision commensurate with Tua’s elite talent? Until Apr. 23, it can only be said Tua will be drafted in the first round. Predictions of how high and to what team are all over the place.

As we discussed a couple of days ago, there are negative rumors about Tua’s health. Many of the rumors are false. Some are probably purposeful, seeded by teams hoping they can snatch a de-valued Tua. The worst thing about those rumors is they give some NFL General Managers an excuse to pass on Tua.

In an NFL Draft environment filled with so much Tua-doubt, weaker-willed GMs have an excuse. Tua’s team is doing yeoman work trying to shore up backbones. No doubt, knowing Tua’s talent, they are doing it with a clear conscience.

Former NFL quarterback, now, QB Guru, Trent Dilfer commented after Tua’s ‘Pro-Day’ video was sent to all NFL teams,

"This kid has as much horsepower as you could ever want and incredible twitch to go with it. I’ve never been around a kid that throws it better."

Dilfer gave Chris Mortensen details of the 72-pass workout.

A more objective opinion comes from NFL analyst Bucky Brooks. Brooks compares Tua with Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson who came to the NFL with medical concerns.

"… do you think the Texans or Eagles regret investing top picks in those players? Obviously not, as the Eagles just re-upped Wentz last year to a four-year extension (with $66 million guaranteed), and the Texans have given us zero reasons to think Watson won’t be the face of the franchise for the next several years.Those teams looked past the health issues and recognized the talent — and their bets paid off big time. As far as I’m concerned, Tagovailoa’s ability warrants the same level of confidence."

Tua has to balance excitement and trepidation leading up the Draft. All the negative chatter has to be wearing on him. As he said recently to Maryland head coach and former Crimson Tide OC, Mike Locksley,

"I just want to play, man. It doesn’t matter what organization I go to, man. I just want to play. I look forward to playing under any organization that is willing to take a chance on me."

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One thing is sure about Tua and the NFL Draft. One team is going to gain some new fans from the Crimson Tide Nation.