NFL Draft: Los Angeles Chargers Mock Draft including former Tide players

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NFL Draft
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Check out a detailed breakdown of who the Los Angeles Chargers should select in the 2020 NFL Draft. It includes two former Crimson Tide players.

The Los Angeles Chargers need to make a bold statement with the 2020 NFL Draft. There will be buzz created by the new $5B stadium, even with it being shared with the Rams. The buzz might last a full season, but NFL fans are known for impatience. The Philip Rivers era is over. Tyrod Taylor is a capable backup. As a starter, Taylor is little more than a caretaker.

The boldest statement the Chargers can make with the NFL Draft is to trade up to No. 3, making a deal with the Detroit Lions. The purpose of the trade would be to get a ‘shining-star’ quarterback leader who players and fans can rally around. Only two guys qualify in the 2020 Draft and one is going to the Bengals as the No. 1 pick. The other one is Tua Tagovailoa.

Yes, taking Tua carries risk. But there is no guarantee Justin Herbert can become an elite NFL QB. He has a big body and a strong arm, but so have many first-round failures. A healthy Tua Tagovailoa (sometime in 2020) can light up the new SoFi Stadium.

Sitting at No. 6 does not assure getting Tua. Despite numerous rumors, the Miami Dolphins are unlikely to pass on Tua at No. 5. Moving up to No. 3 has another element of risk. The Washington Redskins could surprise and take Tua at No. 2.

Will the Lions make a trade with the Chargers? Giving up No. 3 to get No. 6 requires additional compensation. The Chargers can add pick No. 71 to the deal. The Chargers have so many young cornerbacks as backups, throwing Desmond King into a deal is not crazy. King will be a free agent in 2021 anyway. He played in every 2019 game and started over half of them. He would have to be replaced. More on that below.

The Lions need defensive help in numbers. Adding King boosts their 2020 defense and the Chargers could be content to trade him for a third-round pick in the 2021 draft.