Alabama Basketball: Crimson Tide post-NSD 2020-21 Depth Chart

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Alabama basketball coach, Nate Oats got the signatures he needed Wednesday. Take a look at a depth chart with the new players.

Perhaps it was not the greatest Alabama basketball Signing Day of all-time. If not, it was still a very good Wednesday for Crimson Tide head coach, Nate Oats. Five new players are locked in for the Crimson Tide 2020-21 roster.

Technically, Wednesday was the first day of the late signing period for college basketball. Players can still sign, all the way to the first of August. In case of a graduate transfer like Jordan Bruner, enrolling in school is all that is required.

Excluding walk-ons, Nate Oats currently has 15 players for next season. He has 13 scholarships. Kira Lewis Jr. is a lock to head to the NBA. John Petty Jr. will try to do the same and most likely take other professional opportunities if necessary. When, as expected, Herbert Jones withdraws his name from the NBA Draft, Oats will have 13 players for 13 scholarships.

The number slid from 14 to 13, Wednesday evening when it was reported Jaylen Forbes will enter the transfer portal. With the new players and the return of two injured players from last season, seven new players will compete for playing time.

Post – Signing Day Alabama Basketball Depth Chart

Nate Oats will have plenty of flexibility. He can play the four-out and five-out sets he prefers. He can also wrap three, volume scorers around two tough inside guys to bolster defensive success.


  • Lead Guard – Jahvon Quinnerly
  • Guard/Wings – Jaden Shackelford, Herbert Jones, Josh Primo or Keon Ellis
  • An inside/outside Big – Jordan Bruner


  • Lead Guard – Jahvon Quinnerly
  • Guard/Wings – Jaden Shackelford, Josh Primo or Keon Ellis
  • Small Forward – Herbert Jones or James Rojas or Juwan Gary
  • Center – Jordan Bruner or Javian Davis

Four-Out (with two interior defenders)

  • Lead Guard – Jahvon Quinnerly
  • Guard/Wings – Jaden Shackelford or Herbert Jones or Josh Primo
  • Bigs – Javian Davis and Jordan Bruner

Roster Notes:

  • The Nate Oats system is so fluid and so flexible, the three offensive sets listed are too rigid to describe actual play. Oats wants all his players to efficiently dribble, pass, defend, finish at the rim and shoot on the perimeter. Nine guys are listed above. Oats may play 10 or 11 in more than mop-up roles.
  • The deep roster should wear down opponents and maximize transition opportunities.
  • Who will spell Quinnerly at lead guard? Lead guard is somewhat of a misnomer. Oats spreads the court and spreads the ball so much, there may not be a Kira Lewis on next season’s team. At the pace Oats wants to play, Quinnerly will need more rest than Kira. Herbert Jones or Josh Primo will probably be the primary ball-handler when Jahvon is out.
  • Offensively, Nate Oats seeks a ‘position-less’ style of play. For example, there may be times when ‘five-out’ means five guards. Even then, all five will be expected to play tough defense and rebound.
  • Alex Reese, if he does not transfer, could get some minutes. It is hard to see Galin Smith getting more minutes than last season. Keon Ambrose-Hylton and particularly, Darius Miles need to muscle up some before extended action.

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Nate Oats might yet bring in another player or two.  Another primary ball-handler would help. Another ‘big’ would be nice. With each new player added by Nate Oats, he must also do more subtraction.