Alabama Football: Tide players on the Titans draft radar

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(Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
(Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

The Titans don’t have many needs on a team that went to the AFC Championship last season on the back of for Alabama football star Derrick Henry. The needs they do have can be filled by several Crimson Tide standouts, including one very popular former Alabama QB.

The Tennessee Titans are a popular NFL team for Alabama football fans. Not just because of their proximity to Alabama being the closest NFL team geographically to the state, but because of their propensity to draft and sign Crimson Tide players in recent years.

As most people know Derrick Henry is the heart and soul of the Titans, but what many don’t know is he isn’t the only Alabama football player on the roster currently. Rashaan Evans is a starting LB for the Titans and is an up and coming star in the NFL in his own right.

The Titans own 7 picks in this draft. That includes one each in the first three rounds, one fifth round pick, and three seventh round picks. Most of the best Alabama football players will be gone by the time the Titans get to pick even in the first round but there are still good fits in the picks they do have.

For this mock draft, I will not project trades although I don’t think the Titans will be in the market for trading picks especially in the early rounds anyway. With that being said let’s get right into it.