Alabama Football: Broncos make Jerry Jeudy 15th pick in first round

Many thought that Alabama football star Jerry Jeudy was the best WR in this draft class, and that is saying something given the insane amount of depth in this WR class. Can he make an immediate impact for the Denver Broncos?

It is well known how deep the WR unit for Alabama football was this past season. With four legitimate number one guys, it was no surprise how good they were in 2019. Jerry Jeudy led the team in catches but was beaten out in yards by Devonta Smith.

Jeudy had to share the spotlight with an insane amount of talent at his position, but he still managed to stand out. He took home the Biletnikoff Award for best collegiate WR in 2018 and was an early-season candidate for the award again, until Smith’s impressive 5 TD game.

Alabama football will certainly miss him, but now we must look at how his game translates to the NFL. As the second WR off the board expectations are high, but he certainly has the talent to meet and exceed those expectations.

I have been saying all season long that Jeudy is the best WR prospect since Julio Jones and I stand by that statement. He may not be as athletic as Julio at the same point in their development, but he is a more polished route runner for sure.

Jeudy has garnered comparisons to Marvin Harrison and many analysts say that Jeudy is the best collegiate route runner they have ever seen. I completely agree. To clarify though, Jeudy is not a one trick pony. He possesses the size, speed, and athleticism NFL teams covet.

He is not the burner that Henry Ruggs is but with a 4.45s 40 yard dash time he is still downright fast. There is almost no team in the NFL that couldn’t use his unique blend of agility, speed, and route-running.

The Broncos end up with a steal of a pick here at No. 15. Jerry Jeudy is easily the best route runner in the draft but can still make a big impact in the downfield passing game. The Broncos have a bit of a question mark at QB with Joe Flacco being benched last season in favor of Drew Lock.

Lock was great down the stretch and we will see how Jerry Jeudy impacts his stats. Jeudy will be a great fit in Denver and makes their offense even more scary since they added Melvin Gordon in the backfield.

Denver was looking to make a splash and they did it with Jerry Jeudy.

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