Alabama Football: Ranking the 5 best Iron Bowl games of the Saban era

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Alabama football has had some of the greatest Iron Bowl moments since Nick Saban took over. Which games are the best in recent history?

When you play for Alabama football, you get asked three questions: how many championships did you win, where did you get drafted, and what was your record against Auburn?

There has been plenty of fantastic moments in Alabama football history, and many of them revolve around the Iron Bowl. This makes plenty of sense. Both teams are in the state of Alabama, have strong fan bases, and recruit the same areas. With both teams having success in recent years, the rivalry has continued.

Both sides have had their fair share of historic moments. Alabama had The Drive, and Auburn followed suit with the Cam-back. Auburn won six Iron Bowls in a row, and Alabama responded the next season with a 36-point beat down. It’s what makes this rivalry work. If one team was dominant and the other was consistently weak, we would just have another Alabama-Tennessee rivalry.

This rivalry has always been strong, but it has been enhanced ever since Saban stepped off of the Tarmac in Tuscaloosa. Saban has outlasted coaching changes in all of the SEC as other teams have tried to keep up with his standard, and Auburn has done the same.

Which Iron Bowl wins have been the best moments since Nick Saban took over for the Alabama Crimson Tide? Let’s break down the top five wins. Saban has won eight Iron Bowls, so there are plenty of moments to break down. Let’s start with No. 5.