Alabama Basketball: 3 NBA team fits for John Petty Jr. in 2020 NBA Draft

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Alabama basketball
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3. Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have needed wing depth since they signed Kevin Durant, and John Petty Jr. could bring just that. He likely would not be a starter as a rookie, but he could provide bench minutes if he lived up to his potential.

Alabama basketball ran a speed system in 2019-20 that revolved around switching everything on defense, running the floor in transition, and shooting more threes than twos on most nights. That is a form of what the Golden State Warriors run in the NBA. Now, I don’t want to compare the Crimson Tide’s offense to the Warriors, but it is what the Tide have tried to emulate with Nate Oats.

With both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the floor, defenders are forced to help all of the time. That means that Golden State just needs a shooter who can score on an open shot. Petty will have some growing pains as he transitions to the NBA, but he can hit an open jumper. He can also let them switch guard screens on defense, although he would preferably be taller to make that work in the NBA.

We aren’t looking at a dream fit here, but I like what John Petty could do if the Warriors drafted him. They currently have two 2nd-round picks, so they could take a flyer on Petty if he is still on the board. They might want to take someone with more reliability from deep, but I think this would be a great fit for both parties.