Alabama Basketball: 3 NBA team fits for John Petty Jr. in 2020 NBA Draft

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2. Cleveland Cavaliers

Let’s be honest. Alabama basketball fans don’t want to see another college star end up in a dead-end franchise like the Cleveland Cavaliers. That being said, the fit makes sense. Cleveland runs a system with two point guards that control the ball, but that can set them up to find shooters in the corners.

We all know that there is chemistry between John Petty and Collin Sexton. They go back to Sexton’s sole year in Tuscaloosa as the point guard of Alabama basketball. Sexton would push the ball in transition and find Petty open on the wing.

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Another bright side to being drafted by a terrible team is that it will be easier to find minutes as a rookie. John Petty very well might have to work his way though the G-League before being a consistent player on the roster, but that process will be sped up by a team that’s desperate to find their next star. If Petty ends up going undrafted and has to sign a Summer League (or whatever the equivalent will be in 2020), I could see him going to a team like Cleveland in hopes of making the roster sooner rather than later. Cleveland doesn’t have a 2nd-round pick, so there would have to be some sort of trade for them to land Petty if he ends up getting drafted.

Another drawback with Cleveland is that John Petty would have to wear a number other than 23, but he can adjust.