Alabama Football: NFL jersey swaps Tide fans want to see in 2020

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Alabama football
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Week 6: Tua Tagovailoa and Jerry Jeudy

Miami Dolphins @ Denver Broncos

Tua Tagovailoa actually gets to see both of his former Alabama football receivers in his first season as an NFL quarterback. I think this jersey swap will be more interesting than the one with Ruggs because of the connection with Jeudy and Tua. Ruggs was a superstar and a great player for the Crimson Tide, but Jeudy was a superstar from the day he stepped onto campus.

Jerry Jeudy will be in a new offense with speedster KJ Hamler and RAC specialist Courtland Sutton. Even with these talents, Jeudy will automatically be a starter with plenty of schemed targets heading his way. Denver wanted to put Drew Lock in the best situation possible to succeed, so they prioritized receiver in the NFL Draft.

Tua might still not be starting by Week 6, but he will certainly be closer to getting there. My best guess is that he will be the starter somewhere shortly after this. All of the toughest defensive lines on Miami’s schedule are early in the year, so you don’t want to let your injury-prone quarterback out against a team like the Broncos.

This game will be fun to watch if Tua somehow does manage to see the field. It would put an Alabama player on your screen every drive, which is always fun to have.