Alabama Football: SEC football head coaching hot seats and not

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Future Alabama football opponent
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The next two guys are not on warm seats for 2020. However, for both, an unfulfilled season could bring them a hot seat in 2021.

No. 5 – Georgia Bulldogs – Kirby Smart

Kirby has bet his college football, head coaching career on besting, Alabama football coach, Nick Saban. History shows that is not much smarter than playing Russian Roulette. Under Kirby, the Bulldogs came close in the 2017 National Championship game. In the 2018 SEC Championship Game, the Bulldogs were again close until Smart’s fake punt idiocy.

The Bulldogs’ faithful are touting a new offense with a stud QB in 2020. New, explosive offense does not come easy while rebuilding an offensive line. If the Dawgs lose in Bryant-Denny in September, Kirby will slide to No. 4 on this list.

No. 4 – Texas A&M Aggies – Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher is a fast talker. He talked himself into a $75M deal in College Station. As long as the oil business is booming, Texas football programs are flush with money. That was evident in Defensive Coordinator, Mike Elko’s deal. For three years in College Station (through the 2020 season) Elko will earn $6M. That is a lot of jack with not much to show for it.

If Elko’s 2020 defense does not measure up, not even Jimbo’s fast talk will be enough. A fire Elko scheme might grow and engulf Jimbo. Texas oil-men hate making bad money deals.

No. 3 – South Carolina Gamecocks – Will Muschamp

Will could be in real trouble by the end of the 2020 season. Muschamp’s eight season, head coaching, career record is only 54-46. He is just one game above .500 at South Carolina.

After the Gamecock’s 4-8, 2019 season, Muschamp received a ‘dreaded vote of confidence.’ Such faint praise usually means “we can’t think of anything good to say, but we’re not firing” a doomed head coach.

The Gamecocks’ fortunes could still be turned around, but it is not likely.