Alabama Football: 3 reasons why the Crimson Tide have the best fans

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Alabama football has the best fans, and here’s why.

We are used to just about every debate in the college football world. People argue about which team is the best, who breeds the best players, and which conference is the toughest. One debate that always comes up is the top fans in the country. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best fans in all of college go to Alabama football.

The Crimson Tide fandom spans across the globe. If you wear the script A in public outside of Alabama, you will hear a roll tide from someone. It’s Alabama football’s version of aloha, and it is just a part of what makes Tide fans the best. Let’s take a deeper dive into three reasons why Alabama have the best fans in all of college football.

Reasons why Alabama football has the best fans

1. Alabama is in the heart of the south

Football is a southern sport, and Alabama fits that bill. It means more than basketball in Indiana or baseball in New York. Southern citizens spend an obnoxious amount of time focusing on football, and a lot of them focus on the Tide. Whether it’s watching games, talking about playoff odds, or keeping up with recruiting, Alabama football fans think about the sport multiple times every day. It goes along with eating and breathing in Alabama. It’s simply a way of life. If you took the sport out of the state, there would be no more state.

2. Alabama football has lived through the tough seasons

Alabama has its history, but it hasn’t always been a dynasty. Younger fans like myself didn’t live through this, but the Tide’s last coach before Saban was Mike Shula. Shula only had one year with a winning record in Tuscaloosa, and those wins were vacated by the NCAA. It’s easy to say that Tide fans have it easy, and they do to a certain extent. But there have been hardships in the past, so it is not as simple as always having a championship.

3. Alabama has the best history in college football

Even with the tough seasons, the Crimson Tide have one of the greatest programs in all of sports history. There are too many great players in its history to only name one or two, but that’s the point. They have the most titles in college football, plenty of NFL superstars, and trophies to fill every case on campus. That type of legacy brings support with it, giving Alabama football the best fans.

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This debate will continue, and this article won’t definitively prove that the Tide have the best fanbase, but I would put them against anyone. Fans will continue to pour into Bryant-Denny Stadium for years to come. Their expectations will be high, their cheers will be loud, and their legacy will continue.