Alabama Football: Top 30 NFL Draft prospects of the Nick Saban Era

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Alabama football’s top 30 NFL Draft prospects

3. Quinnen Williams, Defensive Tackle

No one thought that Quinnen Williams was going to be an all-time great defensive linemen for Alabama football in his redshirt sophomore season, but he was. He had unique jump off of the line of scrimmage and an array of arm moves to get to the quarterback. It’s hard to have an impact on the quarterback as an interior defensive linemen, but Williams did that. Many expect him to be the next Aaron Donald. Williams struggled as a rookie, but he still has a long career ahead of him with the New York Jets.

2. Julio Jones, Wide Receiver

Julio was somehow debated as the top receiver in his class, but he is now clearly one of the best receivers in the NFL. Some would argue that he’s the best. He’s had a trememndous career with the Atlanta Falcons, and that’s good for their GM. He gave up a king’s ransom to trade up for Julio, so making him a franchise player was definitely a risk. Julio might be the best Alabama football player in NFL history, but draft value includes the position you play, and one player is slightly above him on this list.

1. Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback

Tua had to be near the top of this list. He’s the only Saban quarterback to ever be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft. His touch and pocket awareness were next-level, and he is set to be the future of the Miami Dolphins. Injuries are a major question mark for Tua, but his talent made it worth the risk. He belongs on Alabama’s Mount Rushmore, and he finds himself at the top of this list.

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With every player I put on this list, there was one that could’ve taken their place. This just goes to show how well Alabama football has churned out talent over the Nick Saban era.