Alabama Football: 3 times the Tide dynasty was supposed to be dead

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The Alabama football dynasty is alive and well despite these three moments.

There have been many instances where Alabama football’s dynasty appeared to be on the ropes. However, it is still alive and well to this day. Thanks to determination by the players, excellent recruiting by the coaching staff, and support of the fans and boosters, the Crimson Tide have gotten through both the good times and the bad.

While the Alabama football dynasty has been thriving, people have been desperate to tear it down. That’s why they take every chance they get to convince fans that Alabama has lost its winning ways. If the Crimson Tide don’t go undefeated and win a championship, they apparently are down for the count. However, they always rebound.

Let’s take a look at three times that people thought the dynasty was dead. Thankfully, Alabama just keeps coming back to the forefront of college football.

Alabama football’s dynasty was supposed to be DOA.

After Alabama won their first title of the Nick Saban era in 2009, Coach Saban told everyone that this was just the beginning of what he had planned in Tuscaloosa. Adding this championship season with the success from 2008 was the start of the Alabama dynasty. However, the 2010 season did not live up to expectations.

Alabama went 9-3 during the 2010 regular season. This was when critics asked if the Tide would be a one-hit wonder or a continuous success, and 9-3 led to a pessimistic answer. Even though most teams would do whatever it takes to have a 9-3 season, it did not meet Alabama football’s new standard. However, Alabama followed this up with two straight national championships, and the A.J. McCarron era was born.