Alabama Football: Will Tua or Jalen have a better rookie season?

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Alabama football will have two former QBs having rookie seasons. Which is better?

Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts were both drafted in the first two rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft, and they will each have a chance to make an impact in their rookie year. While they were teammates at Alabama football, they will be in opposite conferences in the NFL.

Jalen Hurts will play for Philadelphia, a team with a franchise quarterback. The Eagles will have Jalen used in special packages, but they are praying that Hurts does not have to start. However, Carson Wentz is known to go down with injuries. The Eagles won their Super Bowl with a backup quarterback in the past.

Tua Tagovailoa is the future for the Miami Dolphins, but there is no guarantee as to when the future becomes the present. Miami might be planning on sitting Tua for at least half of the season, and some think that he should sit all year.

Neither Alabama football quarterback has a guarantee for an incredibly successful rookie season, but they each also have a chance to be early stars. Which quarterback will have a better rookie season?

Which former Alabama football quarterback will have a better rookie season?

Let’s start with which quarterback is more likely to start as a rookie. That definitely goes to Tua Tagovailoa. He was the only former Alabama quarterback drafted who plans on starting him in the near future. However, Jalen is more likely to be used in every game as a gadget quarterback. He will likely be given specialized running packages that use both his running and passing abilities.

In terms of success for the team itself, the Eagles are coming back from a divisional title. They are clearly set to be the better team as of right now. However, the Miami Dolphins added plenty of free agents to bolster their roster. It’s yet to be proven how the chemistry will work, but they should at least be better on paper.

In terms of scheduling, the Eagles have a slight advantage. They have a bye week right in the middle of the season, they play the AFC North, and two of the four teams in their division have little to no chance of making the NFL Playoffs.

Jalen Hurts also is more likely to have a healthy season. Tua suffered plenty of injuries in college, and there is no guarantee that he won’t get hurt again.

However, the key for a successful NFL rookie season is talent. Both are talented, but Tua is clearly the better QB. There is a reason that Tagovailoa finished his career with Alabama football and Jalen had to transfer. The only way that Jalen Hurts has a better rookie season is if Tua can’t stay on the field.

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Tua is prepared to have a better NFL career than Jalen Hurts, and he will likely have a better rookie season. Either way, Alabama football fans will be rooting for both quarterbacks to have prosperous professional careers.