Alabama Football: Pros and cons of Mac Jones and Bryce Young

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Alabama Football
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Pros and cons for Alabama football’s Mac Jones

Pro: experience

The biggest pro for Mac Jones is clearly the fact that he has been at Alabama for three seasons. He knows the system, has chemistry with the players, and has actually played in a college football game. Nick Saban has a history of choosing the experienced option over the underclassman, so this has to start any conversation with Mac Jones.

Pro: team chemistry

This goes along with experience, but the fact that Mac Jones has thrown to DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle for years is worth noting. When an offense gels like Alabama football did in 2019, you don’t want to risk rocking the boat.

Pro: the offense will be run-heavy

If the Crimson Tide were desperate to score, they might consider going for the young freshman with the flashy arm. However, Najee Harris and Trey Sanders will be a formidable duo at running back. With a strong offensive line and talent in the backfield, the quarterback will need to rely more on avoiding mistakes than making the miraculous play. Jones can take risks, but he is more comfortable in a system. That’s what Alabama football can provide in 2020.

Con: Mac Jones is limited as a passer

Mac Jones can’t make every throw on the field like Tua could. That’s not to say that Bryce Young can either, but everyone believes that he has more potential as a pure passer.

Con: Mac Jones is not a dual-threat QB

Jones is more of an A.J. McCarron type of quarterback. He relies on the talent around him, makes the simple throws, and stays in the pocket. There will be very few plays chemed for Jones to intentionally run. He can scramble when necessary, but he’s nowhere near as mobile as Bryce Young.