Alabama Football: Crimson Tide fans react to Black Lives Matter video

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Alabama football fans had mixed reactions over the Tide’s new racial justice video.

In today’s time, it is vital for programs and businesses to show what they are doing in the name of racial justice and equality. It took some time, but Alabama football came out with the perfect video.

Alex Leatherwood prepared a speech that his fellow teammates presented. Leatherwood, Jaylen Waddle, Mac Jones, and other leaders for the Crimson Tide spoke along with Nick Saban about the importance of togetherness in this fight for racial justice.

It was even more important for the Crimson Tide to make a statement due to the racial tension from the university’s past. There is progress that needs to be made, and this is a good first step.

This video was just about everything you could hope for from Alabama football, but it got a mixed bag of reviews on social media.

How did Alabama football fans react to the video?

The majority of fan reactions were positive. They loved the point that not all lives matter until black lives matter.

There were also plenty of former athletes who loved the message. Some were former teammates of Alex Leatherwood, but others were from before the past four years.

From Minkah Fitzpatrick to Roman Harper, plenty of former Alabama football players shared the video in support of its message. Many included their personal perspectives and quotes from Leatherwood’s speech.

However, there were a few critiques. Multiple fans did not approve of the video or its message on both Twitter and Facebook.

This type of blowback was bound to happen. Any national statement from a diverse fanbase is going to get criticism from some constituents. Alabama football decided that this criticism was worth the message they were sharing.

The Crimson Tide have the backing of thousands of fans across the world. It is impossible for them to please every single person wearing the script A on their shirt. If they went out of their way to please the haters, they would stand in the way of true progress. At the end of the day, you simply have to do what is right. That’s what Alabama football did with this video.

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The real symbol of solidarity with this movement will come with actions, but this video was a great first step. Even if some fans criticize, it was the right move.