Alabama Football: Crimson Tide ticket demand likely far greater than seats

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Demand for Alabama football tickets may be greater than ever in the 2020 season

Alabama football fans may face a harsh reality this fall. Short of COVID-19 fading away, no amount of testing and quarantining can ensure the safety of spectators. Capacity of Bryant-Denny has not been set for the 2020 season. Alabama AD, Greg Byrne recently said that decision will not be made until late July or early August.

Byrne said plans are being developed for several social distancing options. Does that mean probable 50 percent capacity or less? For perspective, check out the odds below.

Bama Hammer neither endorses nor disclaims the projections. The source may or may not be credible. But the average attendance numbers give pause to optimism 2020 Alabama football will be normal. None of us want to admit it, but college football in 2020 will be different.

The need for broad testing of players and coaches is almost certain. How and how often to test is not known. Quarantining of players, even coaches seems almost inevitable. As the previous link argues, the efficacy of doing either is in doubt.

There is no reason to doubt, good, smart people will strive to do what is best. Almost inevitably, disputes will challenge every premise of what ‘best’ entails.

Experts have become undervalued in American society. It would be wise to heed one from UAB. Dr. Michael Saag is a professor of medicine and infectious diseases. He contracted and painfully recovered from COVID-19 in recent months. Saag says,

"This epidemic isn’t going away. It’s quite likely a year from now you and I could be having the same conversation."

Saag explains one reason why the virus will not quickly fade away.

"It’s almost like watching Alabama-Auburn play. Everybody is so entrenched in their own political space. … That is at the heart at why we are failing [to flatten the coronavirus curve] as a country."

The nation flattened the virus spread curve once. In too many areas of too many states, the flattening needs to happen again. What can Alabama football fans do? Embrace mask-wearing as medical experts and Nick Saban have requested.

If putting yourself and others at added risk of contracting the virus is not enough – do it for the hope of a near-normal Alabama football season.

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So far, there are no signs of reduced ticket demand. According to, 2020 season ticket renewals were over 90 percent. Tide Pride season ticket-holders alone could put Bryant-Denny past 50 percent capacity. There would be no room for visiting team’s fans. That would also mean the revamped Georgia offense will have an easier time communicating in Bryant-Denny.