Alabama Football: Some reactions to COVID and BLM messages are disturbing

Some Alabama football fans giving the rest a bad reputation

Every college football fanbase has a share of loonies and fools. Alabama football is no exception. Most of the time, unwise statements and claims can just be ignored. But not all of the time. And certainly not now.

At the end of the 2019 college football season, few of us had a clue what 2020 would become. We should not have been so blind. There were ample precursors. Some were caught off guard; the result of ignorance. Many others chose to think of other things, indulge in other passions, framing views of the world from limited perspectives. Few of us are not guilty of such human frailty.

But the world changed over the last four months. Scientists and medical experts had been warning about a global virus threat for decades. Considerable effort had been expended to alert populations of the risks. Across the world, many smart people calculated what we should do to prepare. Their advice was mostly ignored.

Instead, when the inevitable pandemic occurred, expert opinion was derided. Using bogus arguments about free speech, hordes decided wearing facemasks was a political statement they would not endure. They chose instead to put their lives at risk, and worse, the lives of others.

If there is no Alabama football season this fall, shame on the virus nay-sayers. We had a chance to be smart and spend the fall at Bryant-Denny. It may still happen, but each passing day indicates at best, the setting will be abnormal.

The virus will be brought under control at some point. It might even fade away on its own. Scientists tell us COVID-19 could frequently mutate while weakening. They also say mutations could make the virus stronger. There will be a vaccine at some point. We don’t know when or for how long it will be effective.

None of the past or future deaths from COVID-19 are those of expendable people. All the lives matter.

And that leads to other lives that matter. Lives that should have mattered on this continent for 400 years. The Alabama football program, through eloquent players and a sincere coach, exhibited our better selves. They said, “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.”

Sadly, disgustingly, not everyone agreed. An Alabama Mayor from a wide place in the road took exception. He stated he was done with the Crimson Tide. He soon resigned. Good riddance. But let’s not sully one racist and refuse to admit there are others – too many others.

That bigots live across the nation is not a defense. We must not look away from the very real racial problems in our state. As the Alabama football video stated, this is no time for silence.

Most will agree the vilest among us cannot be allowed to prosper. Neither can the ignorant among us be excused. Racial anger and divisiveness must be confronted. Our black brothers and sisters need our genuine support.

Willful disregard of the health risks of COVID-19 poses a threat to the general population.  Dangerously stupid college students hosting COVID parties should receive no pass for youthful folly.

We must collectively be smarter. We can be better. We should be better on these issues.

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