Alabama Football: Seven Tide players make NFL 100 list

Alabama football players keep popping up on the NFL 100 list.

The NFL 100 list is one of the most scrutinized honors in professional sports. Every year, NFL players rank the top players across the league. This season, seven former Alabama football players made the list.

This list is not an accurate portrayal of success in the NFL. It’s unfair to expect players to give an unbiased opinion on the best NFL players from last year. Receivers won’t know who the best linemen are, and they can’t compare an offensive lineman to an edge rusher. This is a job that is too hard for some scouts and media personnel to do. However, you can safely say that this list acts as a sign of respect. If the other athletes put you on this list, then you have to be doing something right. Let’s break down who made the list.

Alabama football players on the NFL 100 list

86. Marlon Humphrey, DB

Marlon Humphrey was disrespected by being placed so low on this list. He is arguably the best young cornerback in the NFL right now. However, I’m sure he is happy to make his NFL 100 debut.

72. Josh Jacobs, RB

Josh Jacobs played for Alabama football just over a year ago, and he’s already on the NFL 100 list. He carried the Raiders’ offense last year, which is probably how he hurt his shoulder. He will only continue to climb up this list as he develops his pass-catching abilities.

49. Amari Cooper, WR

Cooper has seen a renaissance since he was traded to the Dallas Cowboys. He is now one of the highest-paid receivers in the game, and he earns his money in Dallas. Mike McCarthy is hoping to see his production lead to wins in the upcoming season.

44. Mark Ingram, RB

Ingram is a dangerous weapon with the Ravens. After a successful year as a rotational piece for the New Orleans Saints, he has blossomed as a workhorse. Ingram brings production on the field and leadership off of it. He’s in the perfect system right now, so expect similar results in 2020 as the Ravens develop J.K. Dobbins over the year.

35. Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB

Minkah had a slow start to his career with the Dolphins, but that was because they did not know how to properly use him. He is in a great system with the Pittsburgh Steelers, so watch for him to shine over the upcoming year. He showed off his versatility with Alabama football, but he can’t be asked to do everything on defense. He got plenty of turnovers with the Steelers, so they clearly know how to get the best outcome. We’ll see if his productivity increases as they ask him to do more in his third season.

11. Julio Jones, WR

Julio is always near the top 10. He’s widely considered one of the best receivers in all of the NFL. That’s been the belief ever since the Falcons drafted him. 11 is pretty low in my eyes, but there are plenty of great players in the NFL.

Top 10: Derrick Henry, RB

The ranking of the top 10 has not been released, but Henry will be there. I assume he will be somewhere between 10 and 7, which is more than fair. He had a monster season, reminding Alabama football fans of what he did in 2015. However, he might not be considered the best running back. There are also some names that have been on this list consistently for many years, so he’s going up against some perennial talents.

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There are certainly some snubs from the Crimson Tide, but seven is a solid number. We will likely see more on it in 2021 thanks to the incoming rookie class. Either way, the Tide are causing damage in the NFL.

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