Alabama Basketball: It’s decision time for John Petty

John Petty has a big decision to make. Should he return to Alabama basketball?

We have seen Nate Oats recruit some amazing talent recently. However, his biggest recruiting pitch is still underway. He is trying to get John Petty to return to Alabama basketball, and he’s running out of time to do so.

We will likely hear a final decision from Petty today as he debates his options. He can either stay in the NBA Draft and work his way onto an NBA roster or return to college. Both options have plenty of pros and cons. We’ve already broken down what Petty needs to consider. All he has to do is decide.

There have been no leaks as to what his decision will be. It has been reported that he has worked out with the team in recent weeks, but that’s it. It very well may be the case that only Petty knows if he will return.

With everything being considered, I believe that Petty will return to Alabama basketball. The college season isn’t certain, but he might excel in the 2021 NBA Draft. He will either get another year to prove himself or will be one of the most experienced players in the class. Either way, he can trend upward in 2021.

What would Petty’s return mean for Alabama basketball?

It would be huge for the Crimson Tide if John Petty came back. The team already has a great mix of new talent and veteran experience. The only key departure was Kira Lewis, and the Tide hope that Jahvon Quinerly can fill the void at point. Petty would certainly be one of the biggest leaders for the Crimson Tide. His addition would make Alabama a top 25 team in the country.

Adding in all of Alabama’s new recruits makes the Tide interesting in the SEC. Will it be enough to overcome the perennial powerhouse? I’m not sure. If it isn’t, it should at least be enough to be dangerous in the NCAA Tournament.

Alabama basketball is certainly going to be competitive in every game they play in 2020. They just need to keep from losing the easier games on the schedule. Petty’s return could go a long way on that front. Either way, the Tide should at least have certainty by the end of the day.