Alabama Football: Comparing 3 future stars to former CFB players

What can we expect from these Alabama football stars?

Looking into the college football season involves a lot of speculation and projection. Even with a team as good as Alabama football, there is going to be room for error. However, one of the most exciting parts of an offseason is thinking about who is going to shine in the upcoming year.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some future stars for the Crimson Tide and predict the kind of impact they can have. Similar to how NFL Draft prospects get compared to NFL players, here’s a look at some comparisons to former college football stars. I’ll try to compare them to former Crimson Tide players, but some players will absolutely break the Crimson Tide mold.

Comparing Alabama football players to former stars.

Jaylen Waddle

It feels like Waddle is already a superstar, but this is supposed to be the season where he really shines. His agility and elusiveness is elite, but it’s nothing compared to his speed. All Waddle needs is the football in his hands. Give him an inch of space, and he’s dangerous enough to take it to the house. He’s more agile than this player, but he will be used the same way that Ruggs was last year. He’ll catch the slant on the RPO and rack up 50 yards after the catch. Waddle also has an impact on special teams, but I believe that he should not return punts in the 2020 season. 

Comparison: Henry Ruggs

Christian Barmore

This should really be Christian Barmore’s year. Some have already placed him in the first round of NFL mock drafts, and he’ll finally get a chance to show his entire skillset in 2020. As of right now, Barmore is only proven as an interior pass rush. His active hands and strength help him attack the quarterback, but he needs to prove himself as a run stuffer. He has the potential to make every play.

In this comparison, I’m thinking more about the end result. Barmore isn’t as quick off the snap as Quinnen Williams was, but that’s just because Q was elite. He’s an absolute game wrecker who is poised to have a breakout year.

Comparison: Quinnen Williams

Bryce Young

There is no way to compare Bryce Young to any other Alabama football player. He has the touch of Tua Tagovailoa, the agility of Jalen Hurts, and the speed of a skill player. He might not start in 2020, but he is undoubtedly the future of the Crimson Tide. I have to go outside the confines of the SEC to find a fair comparison, and it seems pretty obvious. If Young can be 80 percent of what Kyler Murray was for the Oklahoma Sooners, then the future of Alabama football is in good hands.

Comparison: Kyler Murray
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