Alabama Football: Ranking every 5-star Nick Saban has coached

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Nick Saban has coached almost 50 5-stars at Alabama football.

During the Alabama football dynasty, recruiting has been a cornerstone. Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide have raked in over 50 5-star athletes over his tenure. Saban can turn a 0-star athlete into a top NFL Draft pick, so it’s scary to imagine what he can do with the top player in a class.

However, not every recruit has panned out. Some transfer, some quit football, and some simply don’t live up to the hype. With that in mind, here is a ranking of every 5-star player that Nick Saban has coached for the Crimson Tide.

Before we start, a few logistical points. All ratings are from 247Sports, and I did not include the 2020 recruiting class. There is no way to accurately grade them based on their impact with the Tide until they at least make it through a traditional workout program.

48. Eddie Williams

Eddie Williams had a lot of hype as a recruit, but he never played a down after mugging a student. It’s one of those Alabama football stories that we all disregard. If we’re basing this list off of impact in college with the Crimson Tide, he has to be last on the list.

47. Antonio Alfano

Antonio Alfano is one of the more disappointing players in recent memory for the Tide. He was supposed to be a game-wrecker, but he ended up wrecking his chances to compete in Tuscaloosa. He left the team and has so far failed to succeed in the wake of that decision.

46. Kendall Sheffield

Kendall Sheffield had a quality rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons, but he left Alabama after sitting out his freshman season. He lived up to the hype at Ohio State, but still remains near the bottom of this list due to his nonexistent impact in Tuscaloosa.

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