Alabama Football: Crimson Tide helps athletes register to vote


Alabama football players can now vote in the 2020 election.

Part of the college football recruiting pitch to families includes what a program is going to do off the field. How do they turn boys into men? What will they do to help them grow and mature in the four most pivotal years of their lives? Alabama football takes those promises to heart, and and they proved it recently. The Crimson Tide took some time after practice to ensure that all athletes were registered to vote.

In the video, multiple players detail the importance of voting across the ballot. Presidential elections will always pull in more voters, but local and state elections can have an amazing impact as well.

This is not the only thing that Alabama football has done for their players off the field in recent months. They posted a video where they recited an essay written by senior Alex Leatherwood about Black Lives Matter. They also recently marched for social justice and spoke on UA’s campus. In a moment where sports have taken a backseat, it is vital to do whatever it takes to support athletes off the field. Whether it’s helping them earn a degree, enforcing safety protocols during a global pandemic, or giving them a platform for them to voice concerns, every act matters.

If you are currently not registered to vote, you still may have time to do so. Every state has different guidelines and protocols, so make sure you are up to date with how things work in your state. You can watch YouTube videos for each state to learn how to register.

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Getting younger people to vote is always a challenge, but it’s great to see Alabama pushing forward with this initiative. No matter who you vote for, your voice and your vote matters. Alabama football players said how easy the process is to register. All they have to do now is cast their ballots on November 3.