For Alabama Football fans it is not really football season

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In any year there is no football season until the first Alabama football game. That is more true this season.

For Alabama football fans, the 2020 college football season begins on Sept. 26. With an arrogance to which Crimson Tide fans are sure we are entitled, there is no real football until the Tide plays football.

Out of courtesy to our SEC brethren, Crimson Tide fans are willing to accept the season begins with morning football on the 26th, despite the Tide not playing until early evening.

The Alabama football fanbase does not have the arrogance market locked down. Some Ohio State Buckeye fans think no fall football for their team is so cataclysmic, it invalidates the 2020 season. In a recent statement by Ohio State, head coach, Ryan Day, his frustration showed in demanding an answer to,

"Why can these other teams and players play and we can’t?"

Day drew some criticism for sounding petulant and specifically bemoaning the lack of a national championship opportunity for his team. Even if his tone and perspective deserve some pushback, his question is a fair one. Speaking as an Alabama football fan, if the Crimson Tide was in the same situation, we might be rioting in the streets.

Through the week two, Thursday night game between UAB and Miami, ten games involving FBS teams have been played. By comparison, so far in the 2020 season, 12 games have been postponed or rescheduled to a later date.

Announced stadium capacities vary from zero fans up to 50 percent in the stands. In the SEC, Vanderbilt announced at least three of its home games will be played without fans.

Will there be more postponements, cancellations, games without fans? Except for those thinking the virus will disappear on Nov. 4, it seems likely current trends will impact college football throughout the 2020 season.

Will the Alabama Crimson Tide be forced to postpone games? There was good news out of Tuscaloosa on Friday. The number of students testing positive is down. Also, students in campus quarantine housing were down significantly.

For some followers of college football, the 2020 season begins today, Sept. 12. Other than UAB and Miami, the Saturday week two action is the first for Power Five teams. A couple of weeks ago, we asked how much week one, two and three football is fit to watch. So far, our answer is not much. Even with the Power Fives kicking off, it is hard to be excited by Eastern Kentucky vs. West Virginia, Arkansas State vs. Kansas State, Austin Peay vs. Pittsburgh, Missouri State vs. Oklahoma, UTEP vs. Texas, Houston Baptist vs. Texas Tech, Coastal Carolina vs. Kansas and most other games.

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Week three has a slightly better slate, though still only a prelude to the real college football season. The one that begins on Sept. 26. Most Alabama football fans will agree.