Alabama Football: 6-year-old plays like miniature Derrick Henry

(Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
(Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

Alabama football might be offering this kid a scholarship soon.

Before Derrick Henry dominated with Alabama football, he terrorized every defense he faced in high school. Simply too big and too strong to be brought down, he outran almost every defensive lineman. He trucked every defensive back on his way to earning a Crimson Tide scholarship. If you don’t believe me, just watch his high school highlights.

There’s another kid who appears to have the same traits as Henry. He’s physically dominant, uses his strength to dominate on the outside, and scores at a high clip.

There is just one problem before Alabama football offers him a scholarship. He’s not playing college football anytime soon. In fact, he won’t be playing high school ball for almost a decade. That’s right. He currently plays in a 6u league.

While I mostly joke about the comparisons to Derrick Henry, I’m not the only one who noticed similarities. Many Alabama football fans responded to the video with similar comments.

This football player has gone viral with just a few clips. It would not surprise me if we see more from his future games over the next few weeks.

If anything, the easiness of this comparison goes to show how powerful Derrick Henry has been since his high school days. Henry has always been big enough to play linebacker and fast enough to play running back. With that type of dynamic skillset, he was destined to succeed at the next level.

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However, Henry has put in thousands of hours to become the player he is today. It’s not just that he’s a big player. He has to work to continue to be one of the strongest players in all of the NFL. It’s Derrick Henry’s work ethic that makes him truly dominant for the Tennessee Titans.