Alabama Football: Patrick Surtain poised to surge up NFL Draft boards

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Watch out for Alabama football’s Patrick Surtain to take advantage of the 2020 season.

Patrick Surtain II is one of the best corners in college football. While he thrives for Alabama football this season, he has a chance to help his NFL Draft stock skyrocket.

Cornerbacks are almost always overdrafted in the first place due to positional value. Outside of a franchise quarterback or left tackle, NFL teams are most desperate to find a shutdown corner to build around. There always seems to be at least a handful of these players drafted in the first round every year, and Surtain will likely be one of them in 2021.

The good news for Alabama football is that he is going to only help his stock by playing. This is usually the case for a junior cornerback in a deep class, but it is emphasized in this unprecedented year of college football.

What separates Surtain from the other top corners in this NFL Draft class? He’s the only one that is still going to be playing. There is currently a top tier of cornerbacks for 2021. Those included are Surtain, Shaun Wade from Ohio State, and Caleb Farley from Virginia Tech. While many will have Farley ranked above Surtain, he is officially done with college football. He opted out before the season started, so he will not put any more game film on tape.

Shaun Wade also opted out of the 2020 college football season, but I would not consider his decision to be a lock. This is just speculation, but I would find it hard for Wade to not return if the Big Ten decided to play soon enough to compete for the College Football Playoff.

While these players are likely going to be working out and focusing on the draft, Surtain can be one of the best defensive backs in college football. He will get to practice against Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith, the two best receivers in the SEC. 

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If the NFL Draft happened today, there’s a chance that Surtain would be a top 10 pick. With an entire season lined up against other teams’ best receivers, he could potentially cement that stake.