Things Alabama football fans should do before the season starts

(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

Alabama football fans are about to have their weekends tied up.

It’s almost here. Alabama football will be played this week. After months of waiting and uncertainty, we will finally see the Crimson Tide on the field in 2020.

It’s safe to say that Alabama fans will have their weekends booked for the foreseeable future. WIth SEC football back on TV, you can’t expect fans to do much besides watching games. With that happening, there are some housekeeping things that fans should do before their weekends are booked up.

Finish house projects

Weekends in August are a great time to get things done around the house. With Alabama football starting their season this Saturday, that will no longer be the case. You might have some chores around the house that are about to stack up. Try your best to get some of those done now. Clean the gutters. Organize the garage. Paint the bedroom. You’re no longer doing those things on Saturdays.

Catch up on the team

This team is going to look a lot different than last year’s. Without four of your best players on offense and almost your entire secondary, there will be some new faces on both sides of the ball.

You could usually rewatch the A-Day game to see these new names. However, COVID-19 kicked out spring practices. Instead, check out the projected depth chart and look up any names that aren’t familiar to you.

Get your gameday plans in order

You might not be able to attend the game or tailgate, so make sure you know what you’re going to do on Saturday. Set up other SEC games to record, figure out which pregame shows you need to watch, and plan for your fridge to be stocked with all of your favorite foods and drinks.

Take a deep breath

Make sure you savor this moment of Alabama football. We were so close to not having a college football season. Thanks to the tremendous work by so many people, the SEC is going to be able to play. Make sure you enjoy this season. It might just mean more than your typical year of college football.

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Besides that, just tell your non-football family that you love them. You’re about to be glued to your couch on the weekends. It might be a few days before you see anyone.