Alabama Football: 3 bold predictions for Crimson Tide defense

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Alabama football’s defense will be young, but dangerous, in 2020.

This sounds crazy to say, but there is an Alabama football game tomorrow. As we approach the season, expectations are rising for the Crimson Tide. The key that unlocks all of Alabama’s dreams is the defense.

Last year’s defense failed to live up to the Crimson Tide standard, but that was mostly due to injuries. Players like Dylan Moses and LaBryan Ray are back, but they also lost four of their five top defensive backs.

A lot will have to be proven on the field, but here are some bold predictions for Alabama football’s defense in 2020.

Alabama’s leader in sacks will be a true freshman

There are plenty of stats from 2019 that should scare Alabama football fans. One is the fact that out of all the players returning from last year’s team, the leader in sacks is a backup linebacker. All of Alabama’s sack production came from Anfernee Jennings and Terrell Lewis, and both of those players are now in the NFL.

There will be plenty of players who will step up in this department. Chris Allen needs to be a sack machine. Dylan Moses will get a few from blitzing. However, Will Anderson will lead this team in sacks. The fact that he is going to start as a true freshman should be enough of a reason to believe in him. He’s not starting out of necessity. He is simply one of the best outside linebackers on the roster.

While Alabama will rotate players on the entire defensive front, Anderson will be on the field for every clear passing situation. That gives him an advantage in the sack category, and I believe that it will be enough to help him lead the team.