Alabama Football: From an Aggie perspective what Jimbo Fisher must try

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Alabama Football: From an Aggie perspective what Jimbo must try offensively against the Crimson Tide.

Aggie experts are trying to get inside Jimbo Fisher’s mind for a plan to overcome the Alabama football defense. As recently as a few seasons ago, Jimbo Fisher was considered an elite, college football, offensive mind. In a last season at Florida State, along with two seasons and a game with the Aggies, Jimbo’s reputation has faded.

He has an opportunity Saturday to reverse the trend. TAMU, Defensive Coordinator, Mike Elko has the burden of stopping the Alabama football offense. Darrell Dickey is Elko’s offensive counterpart. But the Aggies’ offense is designed and orchestrated by Jimbo Fisher.

An early-season win or loss does not make or break a season. Even with eight more games after Saturday, the Aggies need a win against the Crimson Tide. Fisher needs it as much or more than his team.

The poor Aggies’ performance versus Vandy might be misleading. Kellen Mond is capable of better games and dropped passes hurt his effectiveness. He does fit the mold of quarterbacks having given Crimson Tide defenses trouble in Saban’s tenure. He can produce yards with his arm and his legs.

Maybe short of All-SEC potential, Mond is good enough to be an upgrade if playing on half of the other SEC teams. Less predictable is how Jimbo will utilize Mond and the rest of the Aggies’ offense.

The Aggies’ football experts at GigEm247 have done a good job analyzing what Fisher could and should do against the Crimson Tide. One of their tips is a suggestion that Jimbo will not look to play fast. Instead, he will purposely slow down, as he did last season at Clemson. The fast-talking, fast-thinking Fisher will not slow down by nature, but it is a good tip Jimbo does not like his chances in a shootout.

The Aggie experts believe the offensive keys are a competent Kellen Mond and success in the passing game, connecting with Kam Brown, Chase Lane, Jalen Wydermyer and possibly untested, Demond Demas. Bud Elliott explains why the receivers are so important to beat the Crimson Tide. Analyzing, Tide losses going back to 2008 shows big games from opposing receivers were key to defeating the Tide.

    • ‘08 UF (Harvin, Murphy, Hernandez)
    • ‘10 LSU (Randle), ‘10 South Carolina (Jeffrey)
    • ‘11 LSU (didn’t throw much, but Randle and Beckham Jr.)
    • ‘12 A&M (Evans)
    • ‘13 Auburn (Coates, Louis)
    • ‘14 Ole Miss (Engram, Treadwell), ‘14 Ohio State (Thomas, Samuel, Smith)
    • ‘15 Ole Miss (Engram, Treadwell, and 6th rounder Core)
    • ‘16 Clemson (Cain, Leggett, Williams, Renfrow)
    • ‘17 Auburn (Slaton)
    • ‘18 Clemson (Ross, Higgins, Renfrow)
    • ‘19 LSU (Chase, Jefferson, Moss, Marshall), ‘19 Auburn (Williams)

Can the Aggies three (or four) primary receivers have similar success against a developing Alabama Football secondary? Odds favor Patrick Surtain II and Josh Jobe. Demas could be the wildcard. He is a true freshman who saw no action in the Vandy game. Elliott contends Demas is the type of freak athlete comparative to those listed above.

Our take is Mond cannot have much success with his receivers if under frequent pressure. This Alabama football defense appears able to bring that pressure with Will Anderson and other fast Alabama football defenders. Unless the Aggies can establish a run game and then use play-action, Mond will struggle again. Most Crimson Tide fans believe running on the Tide’s front seven will be a major challenge.

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If TAMU cannot establish the run and cannot take advantage of Crimson Tide weaknesses in the secondary, it will be a long afternoon for Kellen Mond. And a tougher one on Jimdo Fisher’s reputation.