Alabama Football: Crimson Tide report card vs. Texas A&M

[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Alabama Vs Texas A M
[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Alabama Vs Texas A M /
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How did Alabama football perform vs. Texas A&M?

After an inconsistent start, Alabama football finally turned things around against the Texas A&M Aggies and dominated the day. The Crimson Tide won by four touchdowns and scored over 50 points. However, not everything was a success for Alabama.

The offense was explosive, but mental errors limited them on a few drives. The defense had a tough task in front of them, but they failed to achieve all of their goals. The kicking game was strong, but the punting game was weak.

Let’s give out some grades to the Crimson Tide position groups for their performances against the Aggies, starting with the trenches.

Offensive Line: C+

Alabama’s offensive line gave Mac Jones a clean pocket, which was their top priority. However, the running lanes were not nearly as wide as they were against Missouri. I realize that they had a tough task against the Texas A&M defensive line, but they still struggled to make things easier for the running game.

If Nick Saban were to grade their performance, the justification for a low grade would be the penalties. Even though the offense was clicking and managed to overcome the shortcomings, Nick Saban will not stand for so many presnap penalties.

At the end of the day, Alabama’s offense thrived thanks to their ability to push the ball downfield. Even though this is partly due to the speed of their wide receivers, the offensive line did their part and gave Jones enough time to let it fly. That gives them a passing grade, but fans should expect more from the group as a whole.