Alabama Football: Crimson Tide report card vs. Texas A&M

[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Alabama Vs Texas A M
[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Alabama Vs Texas A M /
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Alabama football’s report card vs. Texas A&M

Kicking: P

Will Reichard made every kick in this game, which is amazing for Alabama’s future. Reichard is still perfect on the year after two games, but he has yet to attempt a deep field goal. I gave Reichard the P for Pass. Let’s be honest. Kickers have very little say in how well they perform. They either score the points or they don’t. In this situation, Reichard scored every point he could. With that being said, I will happily give him an A+ once Alabama lets him kick some deeper field goals.

Punting: D

Sam Johnson punted twice for Alabama football. One went for 40 yards, and the other went for 26. Neither punt was inside the 20-yard line. I could see the punting competition become more competitive in practice this week. Alabama never wants to punt, but they need to have faith in the guy who does it. That is not the case right now. Because of that, I’m giving the punter the only failing grade on the entire report card.

Quarterback: A

Mac Jones was exquisite in this game. He continued to distribute the ball evenly amongst receivers and backs. He is proving to be a monster in the vertical passing game. He is a great leader for the Crimson Tide offense, and I’m not sure how opposing defenses expect to stop him.

The reason why I did not give Mac Jones an A+ is that I still believe that there is an extra gear in him. I think that he can impact the running game and become more of a threat. He had an interception in this game, but that was just a great play by the Aggies. If he could have impacted the running game or found that final piece of the puzzle, I would have given him an A+.

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We will see what happens for Alabama football moving forward, but many of the position groups are already on the honor roll. Fans have all sorts of reasons to be excited as we move forward.