Alabama Football: Expect chaos from Lane Kiffin vs. Tide

Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports /

Lane Kiffin will bring chaos with him vs. Alabama football.

Alabama football is used to seeing former assistant coaches on the opposing sideline. All have tried to topple Nick Saban, and all have failed. There is one thing that separates Lane Kiffin from the rest, though. He has nothing to lose.

It’s no secret that Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban clashed at times while they worked together. Kiffin wanted to do things his way, and Coach Saban believes in the beauty behind the process. When Kiffin inevitably left for Boca Raton, it felt like only a matter of time until he would get a chance to coach against his teacher.

That time has come, and Kiffin is ready for war. Heck, he’s probably been planning on how to beat Nick Saban since he took the job at FAU.

Lane Kiffin has always been a creative offensive mind. He likes to air the ball out and take risks as a head coach. Calling him an unconventional head coach would put it mildly. We are going to see all of that craziness on full display against Alabama football.

Don’t get it twisted. There is a reason that Kiffin took a challenging job in Nick Saban’s division. He wants to beat him more than he wants just about anything else. This might as well be Ole Miss’s Super Bowl. In an attempt to shock the world, Kiffin will put it all on the table. Expect trick plays, misdirections, and fakes on special teams. Watch out for different formations and platoon swaps. Matt Corral will receive the bulk of the snaps, but John Rhys Plumlee will likely get his own set of scripted plays.

Kiffin has already tried to beat Nick Saban as Ole Miss’s head coach. As he formed his staff, he was linked to many former assistants for Nick Saban. It was like he was forming an Avengers squad looking to avenge any cruelties done by the greatest coach in college football.

Kiffin has always tried to poke the bear on social media. He has constantly made jokes retaining to Nick Saban’s infamous line about rat poison. Kiffin will now finally have to back up everything his mouth has been saying. The good news for Alabama football fans is that Kiffin’s team is simply inferior from a talent perspective.

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No matter what Kiffin throws at Nick Saban and this Crimson Tide defense, they will be ready to respond.