Alabama Football: A torrent of grumbling rolling through Crimson Nation

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Alabama Football: Rolling grumbling instead of a ‘Rolling’ Tide across the Alabama Crimson Tide fanbase.

For the first time in a long time, Alabama football fans are more upset than Nick Saban. Saban, a perfectionist is almost never satisfied. The coach and the Alabama football fanbase share the condition of always seeking more.

Unlike Saban’s consternation, dissatisfaction among Alabama football fans is unproductive. But it is not unwarranted. It is probably true the megaphones of social media are disproportionately populated by the most intense opinions. But, if Sunday’s digital chatter is truly reflective, Saban might need to assign Pete Golding a bodyguard.

Like all true leaders, on Saturday night, Nick Saban took full responsibility for the Tide’s defensive ineptitude.

"We didn’t do anything well. Didn’t stop the run. Gave up some big plays on the back end. Got picked. So couldn’t get the quarterback on the ground when we needed to, even when we got some pressure. We had some mistakes in coverage. We got picked in coverage. We just didn’t play very well. I’m responsible for that. And we’ve got to do a better job as coaches to help put our guys in a better position. When we did get off the field on third down, they went for it on fourth down. They went fast, we never got lined up."

Such a statement from Nick is usually a more than enough buffer for his assistants. Some Crimson Tide fans claim this time is different. They want to blame Nick as well. A few even suggesting this season will be the beginning of an inevitable Nick Saban slide.

Instead of peering into a gloomy future, focusing on the work needed this week is necessary. A team’s defense or roster cannot be changed in a week, but mistakes can be corrected. If Pete Golding is not the coach to make the corrections, Saban will step in to assist and direct. There are other good defensive minds on the Alabama football staff who might be given added responsibilities.

Preparing for Georgia did not start on Sunday or in fall camp. The Crimson Tide staff has been preparing to face the Georgia offense for months. What will it take for the Tide ‘D’ to improve? Not going up against Lane Kiffin is a good start. Todd Monken is a good offensive coordinator, Kirby’s best so far. But unlike Lane Kiffin, Monken has not spent three seasons in Tuscaloosa practicing against Crimson Tide defenses.

Even with Monken wrinkles, Georgia is not built to do what Ole Miss did to the Tide defense. The Bulldogs offense will be easier to defend. The Alabama Crimson Tide offense can again make up for defensive weaknesses.

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