Alabama Football: Greatest Moments against the Georgia Bulldogs

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The 2010 decade gave us both a Bama v UGA nailbiter and blowout because the series really never disappoints.

2012- SEC Championship: Alabama 32 UGA 28

I have always believed this to be one of the defining negative moments in Mark Richt’s coaching career. He was fired three seasons later. The final two minutes of this game was stressful. The Tide was only up four points, and it couldn’t seem to get a stop on defense. The Dawgs were driving down the field with ease. UGA quarterback, Aaron Murray, picked about the Tide defense bringing the Dawgs down to the Alabama eight-yard line.

But in typical Georgia fashion, the clock ran out. They simply ran out of time. Richt could have had Aaron Murray spike the ball to stop the clock to run one more play, but he didn’t. Richt could have used his last time out, but he didn’t. The game ended, and UGA players, fans, and coaches all looked dumbfounded.

The Alabama Football team won the game and went on to route Notre Dame in the National Championship.

2015- The Washout: Alabama 38 UGA 10

This was the game of the torrential rain. It poured in Athens, Georgia for the entire game. Just like neither team could stop the rain, the Dawgs couldn’t stop the Tide. Tensions were high before the game even started with the UGA players meeting the Alabama Football players as they came on the field. It was nearly a full team brawl but was contained to a lot of trash talking, barking, and helmet butting.

Turns out the most UGA could do was bark at the Tide players. They sure couldn’t stop them. After walking into the game as an underdog, the Tide destroyed the Dawgs. This was the nail in Mark Richt’s coaching coffin. UGA hired Kirby Smart two months later.