Alabama Football: What Nick Saban’s return means against UGA

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

How much Nick Saban at Byant-Denny tonight impacts the Alabama football team and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Alabama football coach, Nick Saban has again done everything right. He has been meticulous in protecting the Alabama football program from COVID infections. He has been a highly visible proponent of the general population guarding against COVID. Had he not believed in the importance of those precautions, he might have been watching his team from home tonight.

Instead, he will be pacing the Bryant-Denny sidelines. Let’s consider how Nick’s presence may affect the outcome against the Georgia Bulldogs.

What we are doing is presuming, based upon hypothetical situations that cannot be fully known. The real story will be what Alabama football assistants, Crimson Tide players, and even some of the Bulldogs say after the game.

What Nick Saban at Bryant-Denny changes

  • The Alabama football coaching staff must be relieved. From Steve Sarkisian being freed to just focus on the Tide offense, to Pete Golding, who by past indications, needs all the help Nick Saban can provide.
  • Nick Saban in charge means at points of the game when the tide has turned away from the Tide, there will be a decider providing clear direction. Otherwise, there was a risk, assistant coaches under sudden duress might squabble rather than focus.
  • A clear plan, with Nick Saban making final calls when needed, reduces the risk of doubt and confusion by Crimson Tide players.
  • If somewhat risky, bold calls are needed, Nick Saban can make them, relieving reluctance and trepidation by the Crimson Tide coordinators.
  • When needed, sideline ass-chewings will be far more effective. Nick Saban is the master of such communication.
  • The performance of the Crimson Tide secondary, especially in the first half, without Jordan Battle, will need the direction of Saban. Personnel changes may be required if the Bulldogs start picking the Tide secondary apart.
  • What to do on fourth downs, and any use of trick plays will be clarified by Saban on the sideline.
  • Georgia Bulldogs coach, Kirby Smart is under considerable pressure to beat the Crimson Tide. A lessening of that pressure burden would have likely occurred by not seeing Saban on the opposite sideline.
  • Had Nick been forced to watch the game from home, the stress on him would have probably been equivalent to a dozen big games. At the least, Miss Terry must be relieved Nick will not blow a gasket watching from home.

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The Nick Saban drama aside, Alabama football fans can now focus on the game. It should be a great one.