Alabama Football: Tua goes perfect in NFL debut for Miami Dolphins


Alabama football’s Tua Tagovailoa went perfect on Sunday.

When Tua Tagovailoa went down in Alabama football‘s 2019 game against Mississippi State, fans did not know when they would see him play again. With such a devastating injury, it wasn’t a guarantee that fans would ever see Tua play again. However, he finally made his NFL debut for the Miami Dolphins against the Jets.

After Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins put the game away, Tua got to get some reps in garbage time. In this limited time, he went perfect from the field.

Now, he only threw two passes. But still, he converted both of them for nine yards. It was far from anything prolific, but it was great for Alabama football and Miami Dolphins fans to see their beloved Hawaiian Prince on the football field once again.

Even against the abysmal Jets, it became clear why Tua is still sitting out. With Tua’s injury history, Miami is going to need to bulk up their offensive line before Tua can consistently start. He had to scramble on one of his few completions, and that is not a great sign moving forward. Thankfully, the Dolphins will be using Houston’s first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. If the Texans keep losing, Miami might land Penei Sewell in the draft.

Tua could have played without making a single passing attempt. That alone would have pleased fans of both the Dolphins and Alabama football. He is obviously the future of this team, and fans were ecstatic when he stepped onto the field.

Miami will be looking to have a winning record with a win next week against the Rams. Unless things go terribly wrong for the Dolphins, Tagovailoa likely won’t play. It would be dangerous to put him out there against Aaron Donald and that defensive front. We’ve debated when Tua will replace Fitzpatrick all season, but the Dolphins have been playing well without him. Adding some key offensive pieces in next year’s draft and sending Tua out in 2021 might end up being the right choice. If not, they always have another game against the New York Jets.

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It was only two passes, but it was good to see Tua back on the football field.